SlickSlice is a bash script powered by ImageMagick and MPlayer tools that creates a timeline representation of a videofile - one big image with screenshot thumbnails taken at automatically set periods of time.

Everyone loves screenshots: A slicksliced public domain movie

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23 June 2007
Version 0.6
- Added: thumbnail frame color option
- Added: screenshots switch
- Added: shadows switch
- Fixed: false positive on mplayer options error check
- Fixed: typos

15 Oct 2007 Version 0.7
- Fixed: default thumbnail frame color
- Fixed: identify option for avaliable fonts list (identify -list font)
- Fixed: typos

27 Sept 2008 Version 0.8
- Fixed: "only one thumb created" bug

28 Sept 2008 Version 0.9
- Added: timeline dimensions with "-S WxH" option
- Added: background color customization
- Added: font can be set using its filename
- Added: change font color with -l option
- Added: new defaults for some options
- Added: meaningful audio codec info
- Fixed: got rid of midentify dependency
- Removed: -r option
- www: added more screenshots
- www: donation link


To create a timeline of your videofile - execute the following command in a terminal:

$ slickslice -x myweekend_video.avi

That's it. Slickslice will show its progress and then open the image in your favorite jpeg viewer.


1) Make sure you have ImageMagick and MPlayer installed.
2) Download and copy the script in your path:
$ sudo cp /where/you/downloaded/slickslice-#.# /usr/local/bin/slickslice
3) Make sure it has the executable attribute set
$ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/slickslice
4) Run slickslice to see the list of options
$ slickslice

On its first run SlickSlice will create/update a config file with defaults in your home directory. You may want to examine/update it to your taste later.
$ kwrite ~/.slickslice-config

NOTE If you like soft thumbnail shadows install ImageMagick version >= 6.3.1

DOWNLOAD and Enjoy!


The program creates two jpeg files based on a videofile content:
a timeline view and 3 screenshots on a page.
For more info:

  -x  file       The name of a videofile to slickslice
  -m 'options'   Pass custom options to mplayer 
                 [default: '-vf pp=ac/lb']
                 Ex: Enable postproccessing filters for better image quality:
                     slickslice -x video.avi -m '-vf pp=lb/ac'
  -S  WxH        Set the timeline dimention
                 W - number of thumbs in a row
                 H - number of thumbs in a column
                 [default: 4x15]
                 Ex: Create a timeline of 17 thumbs in one row:
                     slickslice -x video.avi -S 17x1 
  -w  width      Custom video width for automatic scale detection 
                 [default: auto]
                 Ex: Force slickslice to use width 1066px for scaling detection:
                     slickslice -x video.avi -w 1066
  -q  value      Custom jpeg quality (worst 1-100 best) 
                 [default: 100]
                 Ex: Set jpeg quality to 60:
                     slickslice -x video.avi -q 60
  -c  value      Custom color of a thumbnail frame. Run 'identify -list color' for a list
                 of available colors. For more info 
                 [default: #F0F0FF]
                 Ex: Set frame color to LightSkyBlue:
                     slickslice -x video.avi -c LightSkyBlue
  -b  value      Custom background color. Run 'identify -list color' for a list
                 of available colors. For more info
                 [default: White]
                 Ex: Set background color to LightGrey:
                     slickslice -x video.avi -b LightGrey
  -l  value      Custom font color. Run 'identify -list color' for a list
                 of available colors. For more info
                 [default: Black]
                 Ex: Set font color to White and background to Black:
                     slickslice-0.9 -x video.avi -l White -b Black
  -f  fontname   Custom font. Run 'identify -list font' for a list of available fonts.
                 For more info
                 Or provide the path to the installed font directly.
                 [default: DejaVu-Sans-Condensed]
                 Ex1: Let's use Bitstream-Vera-Sans-Bold
                     slickslice -x video.avi -f Bitstream-Vera-Sans-Bold
                 Ex2: Let's use our system font /usr/share/myfont.ttf
                     slickslice -x video.avi -f /usr/share/myfont.ttf

  -o   Turn off image shadows
  -e   Do not generate a 3 screenshots on a page image
  -d   Do not delete all temporary files on exit
  -s   Print md5sum hash into the info section of the timeline image
  -n   Hide the file name in the info section of the timeline image

NOTE:  Default values for switches can be overridden 
       by your config file ~/.slickslice-config

    Slickslice myvideo.avi. Run mplayer with postprocessing
    filters that improve the image quality by default. Include hash sum info.
    On exit keep all temporary files. Use LightPink color for thumbnail
    frames. Timeline dimension is 3 rows by 7 columns.

    slickslice -x ./myvideo.avi -s -d -c LightPink -S 7x3 Logo